Updated May 28, 2021

We are living through an unprecedented global health crisis, and it is requiring that we all adapt and compromise in creative ways. As of now, the Small Animal Emergency Clinic is still open during our normal business hours (6:30pm to 7:30am Monday through Thursday; 6:30pm Friday continuously through the weekend until 7:30am Monday, and 24 hours on all major holidays).

In an effort to comply with CDC recommendations for health and social distancing, the following provisions are in place:

  • Clients showing any signs of illness may not enter our facility. We will bring paperwork out to your vehicle, bring your pet inside, and communicate with you via phone.
  • Protective face coverings are recommended but not required. Please follow the CDC recommendations that you feel are right for you.
  • A maximum of 2 people will be allowed into the exam room with each patient. (If you are coming to the clinic to euthanize your pet, we will make every effort to allow your whole family to be present with him or her during the procedure if that is your wish.)
  • After taking your pet’s medical history, a technician will take your pet to the treatment room so that s/he can be examined by the veterinarian. Please understand that the veterinarian may not come all the way into the exam room to talk to you. A technician will then discuss treatment options with you.
  • Please maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and any of our staff members whenever possible.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us to keep our doctors, our technicians, and our employees’ family members healthy so that we may continue to provide care for sick and injured pets.